The wonderful advantage of a natural lawn without weed killer and pesticides is the beautiful carpet of wild violets in the Spring.

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Trailering our lovely Connemara Pony Primrose to her new home in Texas. I have made it to North Carolina now to stop and visit our friends, Kathy and Walt Corbean. They lived on our street years ago and when I served them three bean salad they loved it so much they started making it themselves. It was then dubbed Corbean Salad. Roger always referred to it as three beans and a root.
Primrose is happily munching hay and looking forward to her new home with no snow!

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    Better pie picture

    Alexis added a better picture of lemon meringue pie.

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    Mile high pie

    Our eggs make the best meringue! They whip up in to the highest lemon meringue pie! So pretty, lemony.

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    Lamb done or not?

    Ok so after putting in 3 meat thermometers we are not sure if the Easter Lamb is done. We were able to score an American Lamb as opposed to Australian lamb which is all you can get in supermarket or through local butchers. I stand firm American Lamb is far superior. Thank God Quaker Mill deli and butcher Shop supplied us with a beautiful local lamb. Lots of garlic and rosemary, yum.

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    compost from Easter dinner prepration

    Amazing how colorful the compost from cut up veggies for dip and Lemons for lemon meringue pie prep. How pretty can Spring vegetables be even as the leftovers.

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    Goldfinches turned brilliant gold overnight!

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    Ok, so I admit I am a magazine addict. It is bad. I stand in the supermarket line and promise myself I am not going to buy one. But each calls my name. Lose 10 lbs in 3 days, Easy crockpot dinner classics, declutter forever. Hi my name is Shelley, I am a magazine addict. You should see the pile next to my bed! The worst is when I buy the same one twice. I look at the headlines and they suck me in until I read the articles and they look familiar. But, let me tell you my favorite is Backyard Poultry.

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    Lemon Meringue Pie

    You cannot even imagine how incredible egg whites whip up with our beautiful fresh eggs. It is amazing! Here’s the problem. As seasoned a baker as I am, it is near impossible to separate a “double yolker” to just have whites. Requires mad skill.

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    Sounds of Spring!!

    Despite the dreary, muddy look outside you can hear the sounds spring. Two nights ago I could hear the Spring peepers peeping up a storm! Those tiny little frogs make sound that carries quite a distance. They definitely herald the change in the weather.
    This morning as I have my coffee, I can hear the birds singing and it is such a different sound then a few weeks ago. A Spring sound, not a “I’m going to sing a tune even though I am freezing to death” song. Listen, you can hear the joyful sound of the end of Winter.

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