Living life as “natural” as possible is my passion.  I love nothing more than to create a new meal with the things I have grown or raised.  Every time I go into the kitchen it is like new adventure with flavors and colors.  I feel honored and privileged to live on my small farm and eat off the land as much as possible.  From fresh eggs and beef, to maple syrup cooking while wearing my wool socks from our sheep.  I love to share with others what I have learned over the years and try to give them the tools to experience nature the way I do.

I take great pride in how we raise our animals and protect open space.  We feel we are stewards of the land and we grow things all naturally with sunshine and water.  Our animals are feed organically and enjoy the outdoors.  My chickens bring me so much joy.  They each have personalities and quirks, and they are just a pleasure to see grow.  My fridge is always filled with fresh eggs and what a wonderful fallback meal when you are too tired to cook.