Samonella in Eggs

This week a very large outbreak of Salmonella in Eggs Nationwide.  Walmart and other large supermarkets were implicated. Many people got very sick.  The conditions in these large egg farms are deplorable and encourage disease and bacteria to be absorbed in to the eggs. Sadly that strain must have been very virulent as eggs go through a series of washes and dipping to prevent this.  Eggs from a local small farm have their natural coating that protects them.  It is not removed like they do in large scale farming.  That is why you see eggs in other countries out on the shelf with the bread.  They still have their coating.  They last forever.  I was amazed when I was in London to see the eggs not refrigerated but that is why.  They do not remove the safety barrier that Nature provides.  I have had eggs still good that I kept refrigerated for 6 months.  Try that with a store bought egg!

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