I hate Stinkbugs!

I have learned a lot about our little friends that look a shield with legs.  Kind of dinosaur-like.  It seems like they have come from Allentown, PA.  What is it about Allentown that would be a source for these bugs?  Evidently they came off a ship from China that came in to the Port of Newark, NJ and then….. hopped a truck to of all places Allentown on Route 78.  The rest is history.  Yuk.  Do not squish them.  It only attracts thousands more!  Somehow their smell (Which smells like Cilantro) that may or may not come out when they are crushed attracts more of them.  Also it is best not to use pesticides, just  plain soap and water is sufficient to kill them.  Amazing!  Either vacuum them or flip them in to soapy water and then they die very quickly.  More than you wanted to know I am sure!

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  1. Andre' says:

    They wiped out my cucumbers and squash. I didnt know they were such a problem until this year.

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