You are what you eat eats!

Michael Pollan correctly points out that you really need to think about what the animal you are eating, eats. For instance we are feeding Skittles and other candy to the beef cows in this country and this is acceptable. Do you want to eat beef that was raised on Candy? You see for chickens fed only vegetarian diets. They are omnivores. They should be eating protein from all kinds of sources, bugs, snakes and mice. This assures they receive the correct protein for their diets that might be hard to get on a strictly vegetarian diet. I am so happy I have access to my pasture raised poultry and beef. Everyone should try to source this locally. I am confident your health will reflect your choices.

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I am canning, drying or freezing morning, noon and night. I just can’t let any of the wonderful produce from Gray Family Farm not be preserved for the rest of the year. If I never see another tomato, it will be fine. Oh my God, tomato sauce, catsup, salsa , chili starter, dried tomatoes, roasted tomatoes, tomato juice, all canned and ready for the winter. My house smells so good!

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Birthday Eve

Ahhh, another birthday coming. I love the birthday season as I call it. You need to celebrate 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after. I certainly make a habit of celebrating! This year is so different than the snowy Winter we had last year. I even notice the birds are singing a little differently. They know Spring is around the corner.

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I hate Stinkbugs!

I have learned a lot about our little friends that look a shield with legs.  Kind of dinosaur-like.  It seems like they have come from Allentown, PA.  What is it about Allentown that would be a source for these bugs?  Evidently they came off a ship from China that came in to the Port of Newark, NJ and then….. hopped a truck to of all places Allentown on Route 78.  The rest is history.  Yuk.  Do not squish them.  It only attracts thousands more!  Somehow their smell (Which smells like Cilantro) that may or may not come out when they are crushed attracts more of them.  Also it is best not to use pesticides, just  plain soap and water is sufficient to kill them.  Amazing!  Either vacuum them or flip them in to soapy water and then they die very quickly.  More than you wanted to know I am sure!

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Fresh Chicken

We now are selling fresh chicken at the

farmstand and it is so hard to explain to

people the difference between chicken raisded

in a beautiful pasture and chicken raised in

the traditional chicken house with light of

day.  One thing that is a dead give away is

the scent.  It smells like fresh air.  Something

like clothes hung outside to dry as opposed

to that “foul” smell that we have become

accustomed to, no pun intended.

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Broadway here I come! off to the Drama Leauge Awards!

Here in NYC for the Drama League Awards, more to come.

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Solar Dryer

Hanging laundry outside is so rewarding. Not only do your clothes smell fabulous but it allows for wonderful bird watching. It is a peaceful and methodical job almost puts you in a meditative state. As I hang each article of clothing I try to think fondly of the owner. All in all not a chore but a pleasant part of the day.

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The wonderful advantage of a natural lawn without weed killer and pesticides is the beautiful carpet of wild violets in the Spring.

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Trailering our lovely Connemara Pony Primrose to her new home in Texas. I have made it to North Carolina now to stop and visit our friends, Kathy and Walt Corbean. They lived on our street years ago and when I served them three bean salad they loved it so much they started making it themselves. It was then dubbed Corbean Salad. Roger always referred to it as three beans and a root.
Primrose is happily munching hay and looking forward to her new home with no snow!

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    Better pie picture

    Alexis added a better picture of lemon meringue pie.

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